Fierce Grip

Spiraling tendril

There’s one thing in the garden that consistently amazes me: a plant’s climbing ability.

Reaching out

I love to crouch down and peek through the leaves to find pale green, super thin tendrils of plant wrapped tightly around whatever they can find for support. Sometimes it’s the fine chicken wire that keeps rabbits from snacking on my produce, sometimes it’s a trellis, and other times it’s another plant that just happens to sit next door.

Winding tendrils

How do those tiny shoots sense they’ve found something sturdy and know to spiral themselves around it? It’s a mystery of nature that I’m just in awe of in my backyard garden.

Reaching for support

Some stretch out half a foot, finally finding what they’re looking for and then and anchoring themselves with a fierce grip. Others delicately weave themselves around their support systems, like a lady’s hand tucked inside the arm of a gentleman.


Butternut squash


Squash, cucumbers, beans…they all use these miniature vines to thrive.

CucumberNext time you’re in a garden, peek through the leaves. And prepare to be amazed.


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