Delighted By. 9.1.13

“I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.”
Paul Simon

In reality, our wedding day is just three weeks away and I have about 8 million things to do. Regardless, these things are making me smile.

Red Wine

I’ll admit it. The only reason we bought this wine is because I fell in love with the chickens on the label. But it’s a lovely, smooth, easy to drink red wine that is extraordinarily well priced.

FlowersA sweet bouquet of flowers from my love.


Ripe tomato

Ripe Pink Berkeley Tye Dye tomatoes from the garden.


Granola and Milk

This granola is positively addictive. It’s crunchy. And slightly salty. And chewy. I’m obsessed. Available at the Mill City Farmer’s Market in Minneapolis.

Wedding Cake

And finally, our very first wedding cake courtesy of Jay’s amazingly talented cousin Jen.

Ahhh, smiling. And now back to my to-do list.

One thought on “Delighted By. 9.1.13

  1. I would buy wine with a chicken label too!
    Adorable pre-wedding cake!
    All the best to you and Jay! Who’s watching the chickens and garden while your away? !!!

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