Pretty Good Stuff

I promised you a review of my homemade kombucha and it’s time to deliver.

I’d heard mixed reviews from other homemade kombucha drinkers. Some love the flavor, others say it simply doesn’t compare to the taste of ‘buch from the (very spendy) bottle.

Homemade kombucha

My batch of kombucha yielded three growlers of the fermented tea beverage.

Plain kombucha

I left two of them plain and added dried blueberries and ginger to the third container.

Blueberry kombucha

The flavored variety required an extra week on the counter so the dried fruit could work its magic.

So what’s the verdict? Let me tell you, this is pretty good stuff.

glasses of kombucha

It’s tart. It’s tangy. And while my homemade kombucha isn’t as bubbly as the bottles I buy in the store, it gives me the same effervescent energy boost without the steep price tag.


Not surprisingly, I prefer the the flavored kind of kombucha, just as I like my Greek yogurt with berries piled on top more than on it’s own. The dried blueberries and ginger slightly toned down the tartness of the ‘buch without excessive sweetness (like you sometimes find in store-bought kombucha).


And when Jay heard about the digestive benefits kombucha is said to deliver, he starting taking down a daily glass. And he’s loving it. His only complaint? We’re down to the last growler and it takes about a month to brew more.


Clearly, it’s time to amp up production.


4 thoughts on “Pretty Good Stuff

  1. FYI: The Urban Farm recipe takes 7-10 days, if you’re in a hurry for more ‘buch. (LOVE that name! I’m using it from now on.)

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