Best to the Nest

Welcome to Home to Homestead! I’m Elizabeth Ries – co-host of Twin Cities Live, radio personality on myTalk 107.1 and Best to the Nest podcaster. This is my small internet space to talk about my even smaller urban farm – although I haven’t updated it in a while!


Many of you are new to the blog thanks to an online People magazine article about a social media post I wrote about two emails from viewers of TCL with very conflicting viewpoints on the very same outfit. The post is being read and shared by thousands of people and the response has been all the things: overwhelming, heartbreaking and inspiring. Welcome! I encourage you to click through to Best to the Nest — the podcast focused on creating strong, beautiful homes where we can be our best. We release new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday — find it wherever you get your podcasts. #beajulie

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