Outstanding In The Field

One of the greatest joys of my day job is the opportunity I have to share the stories of people in the Twin Cities. I love to see how people live and the passion behind what they do. Of course, when those stories are centered on anything related to composting, cultivating or cooking, they are even more interesting to me. Today is an example of that.

For about a year now, I’ve been checking in on the work of an organization called Outstanding in the Field. My sister tipped me off to these pioneers of the modern farm dinner and I’ve been dying to get to one of their events. When I saw that an Afton, Minn. farm was hosting a feast in it’s field this summer, I knew I had to go there and see it for myself.

The concept is simple: the Outstanding crew travels from farm to farm across the country. They connect top local chefs with sustainable farms to create a dinner for up to 200 guests. The diners share one long communal table for a dinner party unlike any other.

Little Foot Farm is a place I absolutely, positively fell in love with. I felt at home the minute I arrived on the property.

Karen and Sally own the farm. They are raising pigs, chickens, produce and their two sons. And the Outstanding meal centered on the pork. Chefs Scott Pampuch and Mike Phillips created the menu months ago, preparing by pickling seasonal vegetables and curing the meat.

It’s an intimate and unique way for guests to get as close to the production of their food as possible.

And you can get as close to the experience as possible by watching this:

The only thing I’ll do differently at the next Outstanding event I attend? Less working, more eating!

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