Energy Bites

I have one particular child who could absolutely live off of Perfect Bars and Larabars. He’s obsessed. But at $2-3 a piece, they aren’t the most budget friendly snack – plus the portion size means he totally fills up on them and has no room for anything else. Enter these energy bites (sometimes called protein balls). Packed with a great balance of protein, fat and carbs – these are totally satisfying and delicious. This is the recipe I shared on Minnesota Live this week – the original version is from the amazing blog Ambitious Kitchen. The only thing I add to her recipe list is a sprinkle of salt. If you want yours to taste exactly like the ones I make, you’ll want to pick up the specific brands listed below:

+ I use creamy peanut butter – Old Home Foods is my absolute favorite

+ The protein powder I currently like best is the vanilla from Four Sigmatic

+ Oats should be rolled – I love the sprouted oats from One Degree Organic Foods

+ My very favorite chocolate chips are from Lily’s – I use the mini semi-sweet version here but feel free to change it up

+ You can use honey or maple syrup – if your honey isn’t “runny” use the maple syrup but make sure it’s the real deal, not imitation

Once you make the basic version, have fun and switch it up! Here are some ideas:

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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