Turned into a Toddler.

I. Can’t. Believe. This. Is. Happening.

It was like the screaming, flailing, yelling, red-faced tiny human was moving in slow motion.

And not only was I in a confined space with said small person with no hope of getting out for the next 20 minutes, I was realizing that there’s no hope of getting out of these tantrums, period. Because I am a grown up. I am chaperoning a field trip. And this currently very unreasonable child belongs to me.

How. Did. This. Happen?

I’ll tell you how it happened: I fell in love, got married, had a baby and she turned into a toddler on the exact morning I’d agreed to accompany her on her very first daycare field trip to the apple orchard.

The apple orchard! The place that embodies childhood joy and fall fun! The destination that just hours before I was sure would be filled with mother-daughter cuddles and laughter and delight in the harvest!

Was the harvest-delight part too much?

If you’d like to know how it really turned out, watch me share the story of the morning at my day job:


And then, as so often happens when you share your truth, those who can relate rally.


Karen Jackson Sorry Elizabeth..I laughed at your host chat talk today about adorable Bernie! We all have had that happen with our own and our grandkids. Hang in there you and Jay are great parents. Enjoy it and smile….it prepares you for teenagers! 

Peggy M Yanke So funny, nothing humbles you more than your kids or your pets. The second you think you have it together; they are there to remind you that oh no you don’t 😩😩😩😩.

Diana Davis Guza So awesome that you went along! I love the photos! The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!! LOL!!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 


Another beautiful reminder that imperfection is beautiful. That you can laugh your way through almost anything. And that honestly sharing whatever journey you are on is better than tackling it alone.


I hope your weekend is meltdown-free! Ha, who am I kidding?

2 thoughts on “Turned into a Toddler.

  1. I watched you on TCL and I kept nodding my head:) I think every parent out there gets it. Every time I think I am on top of the world, one of my boys reminds me I am their mommy by tugging on my skirt. We will get through it all and miss it all (it’s what I am told at least!). Thank you of sharing and such beauty in vulnerability and humor. Now, where’s that wine? LOL

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