Addition to Our Family

Two people. Three chickens. One handsome terrier. An exuberant hunting dog. A couple thousand red wigglers. How much more life can this .13 of an acre handle? We’re about to find out.


No, the city of Minneapolis won’t allow me to have any real, live goats, so these will have to do for now. But this addition to our family is even more exciting than goats. Or alpacas. Or donkeys. And all of those things would be very exciting. And unlike most of the living beings we have residing on our little urban farm, we don’t even need to apply for a permit or get a license for this one (phew!).

Because we’re having a baby!

If you’d like, you can watch me share the news at my day job:

I’ll also be sharing more about the pregnancy and baby preparations with Bump Club and Beyond Twin Cities.

Okay, back to weed pulling. My summer jam obsession and a killer homemade ranch dressing are coming soon.


5 thoughts on “Addition to Our Family

  1. Miss you onTCL glad you were able to take some time off. Enjoy your pregnancy your life will forever be changed, in a good way of course😊

  2. Yay!!!!!!! Congratulations to you and Jay!! That’s the first time I was able to watch the on-air announcement, and its the best! You have become even more of a talking point in mine and my mothers conversations now…regularly one of us will blurt out, “I’m so excited Elizabeth is having a baby! ” or “Do you think Elizabeth is having a boy or a girl?!” We are so excited for you! Hope you are feeling okay! xxoo

  3. Hello! I am a mom from the Midwest and work with Baby Grand and Bump Club. I would love to gift you one of our baby blankets in hopes you love it and chat about it on your show.

    We wish you love, light and prayers during your pregnancy!

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