Hunting Dates

My husband has a new lady in his life. She has long legs. Lots of energy. And of course, she’s young. Gracie

Her name is Gracie. And he can’t wait to go on hunting dates with her.

Jay hunting

Me. Hockey. Hunting. Among other things, that’s what my husband Jay loves. And as long as I’ve known him, he’s wanted a canine companion to help him find pheasants.

Jay and Tim

Last October, on one of those last warm fall days, I tagged along with Jay, his buddies and their dogs to a game farm they visit just outside of the Twin Cities.

Jay pheasant hunting

2013-10-26 23.37.53

But the guns and the blaze orange will only get you so far. To find a pheasant hiding in the brush, you need a powerful nose. And that only comes on the face of a dog. And while Henry the Westie is unmatched in the business of backyard squirrel flushing, his little legs aren’t fit for the big woods.

Gracie walking

So last week, we adopted a twelve-week old German Shorthaired Pointer. Every muscle in her body is constantly exploring everything around her. She’s beside herself with joy upon each new discovery. She’s sweet. And snuggly.


She also cries. A lot. Her teeth are razor sharp. She seems to crave destruction. Her giant paws are like boxing gloves threatening a knock-out. And then there’s the house training. Ugh. Puppies.

Henry and Gracie



How’s Henry doing with this new family addition, you ask? Surprisingly well, for a strong-willed, slightly narcissistic, nearly ten-year-old Terrier.


This means one thing for me: more pheasant in the freezer. But don’t worry, I have a plan for that and I’ll share it with you soon.

Right now though, I’ve gotta get Gracie out of the chicken coop.

12 thoughts on “Hunting Dates

  1. Your going to love Gracie…My short hair Gretchen passed away 2 years ago and I miss her everyday!! Enjoy ever moment and make sure she gets lots of exercise and she will be the best short hair ever..

  2. Glad that Henry is adjusting to the new addition. I’m sure he still gets plenty of love from you. Gracie is adorable.

  3. What a sweet post! Would you mind if I share this on a GSP facebook page, which BTW, you and Jay may enjoy joining. The name is German Shorthair Pointers. Its a closed group, so you just need to request to join, but you will find pictures and stories, and lots of support and advise for raising this awesome breed!

  4. She’s beautiful! My GSP Nikki was the sweetest dog ever. She’s been gone 6 years and I still miss her. When she got to old to keep running through the woods we attached a trailer to the back of the 4 wheeler so she could ride along. I heard your show the other day on Mytalk and I think puppies are harder than babies!

  5. If your new friend needs some training before she goes hunting, my grandson owns RIVER Stone Kennels in New Richmond, Wi, and wins all kinds of awards for his training with dogs. Give his website a look.

  6. Elizabeth, we also have a German shorthair (such a great dog!) and last summer got chickens – but the two have not formally met, we are a little afraid that her curiosity will not be good for the chickens! Can you share any info or resources for socializing the dogs with the chickens, I would love to hear your plans!

  7. so glad to hear you guys finally got a hunting pup! Henry will adjust…. we just adopted another rescue lab mix and our first born pup is loving him more and more every day. Once those razor teeth are gone it’s the best =) Suggest your husband to go to Orlando Game Farm, it’s a family friend, and in my old hometown! Great group of people that are down to earth. Enjoy Gracie, my uncle has three of them and will likely be breeding again soon. They’re WONDERFUL dogs.

  8. GSP Delta born in Mn but was adopted and moved to Ontario, she was be bird hunting since she was three months old. Enjoy Gracie

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