Only The Beginning

It makes fighting gnats and mosquitos worth it. It eases the pain of weed pulling. It soothes a sunburn. It causes dirty fingernails to look like a badge of honor.

It’s the reason we dig.


Here are the first things I harvested from the garden this season.

Tomato and radish

Peppery, pink and white French Breakfast radishes with crisp greens attached.


One single orange-skinned Nebraska Wedding tomato.


A bowl of perfectly tender, burst-in-your-mouth, tart and sweet raspberries.

First Bowl of Raspberries

I eat those straight out of the dish.

Radishes and tomato

With the tomatoes and radishes, I make the first of many summertime sandwiches to be eaten this season.


This version? A BLERT. As in – bacon, lettuce, egg, radish and tomato. Slathered with homemade mayo. Cradled by two pieces of roasted garlic sourdough bread straight from the farmer’s market.

The best part of this harvest? It’s only the beginning.

4 thoughts on “Only The Beginning

  1. BLERT … I love it! I’m trying it this week. I can’t wait to tell my daughter that we’re having BLERT for dinner 😉 Thanks Elizabeth!

  2. We call it “The Spanglish Sandwich”, from the movie The Spanglish–Adam Sandlers character makes this combo sandwich in the movie–mouth watering and delicious! Jealous of your ripe tomato–I’m watching mine carefully!

  3. We have BLOT’s That’s bacon, lettuce, a large slice of sweet onion,and tomato . The onion really kicks up the flavor of everything else, and since its a sweet,mild onion, it doesn’t over power any other flavor. Give it a try. Also just a comment about TCL. I didn’t think I’d ever like anyone as well as John as your co-host, but I do, I really like Chris just as much. You seem to just click with both of them. Love your blog.

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