Make My Own Cheese and Churn Out Some Butter

Happy New Year!

Here’s hoping all of you have been spending some glorious time with family and friends, likely getting a day or two off to rejuvenate and are looking forward to the blessings and challenges that are sure to face us all in the New Year.

Christmas decorations

My immediate tasks in 2013? Learn to make my own cheese and churn out some butter. I mean, isn’t that what everyone will be up to?

Gifts under the tree

We started a new tradition in my family last year. We now draw names and buy for only one person. We focus on gifts for one other and lots of fun activities with everyone. Although not buying dozens of gifts helped us keep our sanity, the frustration of this puzzle was another story. I actually don’t know if it was ever completed.

Christmas Puzzle

This year, my youngest sister Jenny and I were buying for each other.

Gift Tag for Jenny

And she delivered to me what Santa would have never thought of: a Home to Homestead themed Christmas. What could be better than that?! Here are some of the treats that were packed under the tree:

Make your own butter

This little kit will help me shake some cream into butter, complete with a couple of mini butter bells to store the fruits of my labor.

Bees and Cheese

Until we venture into full-out bee hives, the Beesnees gift includes little houses to set into the garden to attract non-honey producing but super pollinating bees. And since my favorite cheese of all comes from goats, a way to make it myself.

Cheese storage

Once the cheese is set, I can wrap it up and store it in style.

Maldon Salt

If you come to a dinner party at my house in the New Year, you’ll get your own individual Maldon salt for sprinkling on your soup.


I’ll light up the house with these chicken and rooster themed matches.

Chicken Mortar and Pestle

And this mortar and pestle can be used to grind spices or just store nuts.

Lazy Susan

Jenny had my entire collection of gifts sitting atop this massively wonderful lazy susan. My dad built and stained it for me!

It’s a beautiful collection of gifts that I will undoubtedly be using nonstop in the New Year as I continue turning my Home into a Homestead in 2013. I hope you’ll follow along!

12 thoughts on “Make My Own Cheese and Churn Out Some Butter

  1. I am very excited for you! Living vicariously through your efforts! When Mike and I lived in Germany, we drove to Holland to make cheese with the experts and it was very difficult to produce, but very exciting too! Waiting patiently to hear what’s next for you!

  2. Your sharing brings a smile to myself every time I read your blogs. Having grown up on a farm, you remind me of all the wonderful experiences that I perhaps took fore granted at times and wanting much of it now while living in the city.
    Simple, beautiful life experiences so important in this fast paced world.
    Elizabeth, you are a “breath of fresh air”. Thank you for your fine sharing!

    Karen G

  3. My mother made butter with our milk straight from the cow’s. She used the mixer and it was really neat to see it form. Kind of amazing to watch it change. I hope you have a blast making it.

  4. You have a delightful sister who knows you well, what fun to be able to concentrate on buying the perfect present for one person. Always fun to read your blog

  5. What great gifts, as you use these things you will think of your sister. She put lots of thought in her gifts to you. Years ago I made butter, but never cheese. Alway love reading your blog. Happy New Year!!

  6. So glad you loved all your treats and you readers do too! I’m still oohing and ahhing over my Minnesota-themed Christmas. Maybe we should draw each other again next year?! 😉

  7. I have an awesome, thoughtful sister and clearly you do too. There is nothing better.

    Got excited when I read the title of this post…these are on my 2013 to do list as well 🙂 We just moved from South Minneapolis to a little hobby farm near Northfield. Love your blog and the way you live your life full of possibility.

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