Pivotal Experiences

I think we can all look back and identify those pivotal experiences that changed how we live our lives going forward. One of mine happened at the mall. Next to the Auntie Anne’s pretzel store. While selling shampoo.

In college, I took a part-time job at the Aveda store. Like most 20 year old women, I liked hair products, makeup and fancy scrubs. And like most college students, I couldn’t afford them without an employee discount.

I had lots of part time jobs throughout high school and college. Coffee shops. Flower shops. Restaurants. But this one really stuck with me. That’s because Aveda’s focus isn’t just on beauty, it’s on health, wellness and environmental responsibility.

That corporate culture came from the company’s founder, Horst Rechelbacher. Learning about the importance of what we put in and on our bodies was revolutionary to me and struck me to the core. I absorbed as much information from the company’s product training as I did from my thoughtful co-workers (hi, Aveda girls!).

Rechelbacher has since sold Aveda but is continuing his vision with his current project, Intelligent Nutrients. Horst does much of his work at his 600 acre farm in Osceola, Wisconsin. Growing herbs and flowers. Distilling their essential oils. Combining those oils to create aromatics.

I’d heard about his incredibly eclectic and sustainable home and so, when I was asked to put together a series of stories on “Cool Homes” in the Twin Cities area for my day job, I immediately thought of Horst. I fired off a couple of e-mails, and learned he graciously agreed to welcome me and photographer Kerry Klatt onto his property.

Solar panels power the entire farm.

Constantly working to harness the healing power of plants.

Horst owns 4 miles of St. Croix River shoreline.

Among the beautiful, handmade glass bottles that are everywhere in Horst’s home, this one stood out: his first hair care product created in the 60’s.

I’d love if you’d check out the full story here:

It was such an incredible blessing to be able to spend time with the man who unknowingly inspired me to think about my place in the world very differently.

6 thoughts on “Pivotal Experiences

  1. Ms Reis, I am now in my winter home down south, but misss your show so much. I watched your seg on Horst and loved it. can I watch your show in it’s entirety from south Alabama?please inform me
    keep up the good work!!!!

  2. I really enjoyed the TCL episode and reading your blogs Elizabeth. They are truly inspiring stories. This story hits home since I’m from and work there in Osceola. Looking forward to what’s next. 🙂

  3. Hi Elizabeth the daily show!! Truely enjoyed the home tour of HORST he is the BEST of the BEST I have been blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy the Aveda institute every 4 weeks to colors and hair among all the services!!! Kudos to Horst!! How could I meet him and tour his wonderful home to share my wonderful stories of the products!! Thank you Sandy Weinholzer St Paul MN

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