Use Mint for It’s Beauty

Even if you have a brown thumb, make that a black thumb, you can grow mint. I mean, if you don’t keep that stuff contained, it’ll take over everything in it’s path. This summer, I have two types of mint spilling out of a pot originally meant for strawberries. But one of the fabulous producers at my day job didn’t use the same technique. She planted it right into the ground in the backyard garden that her darling daughter loves to tend (how wonderful is that?) and she tells me it’s growing like crazy and crawling all over the place.

Kelli is also about to give birth at any moment, so my favorite use of mint is out the window for her (muddled mint and lime topped with vodka and soda water anyone?). She’s drinking lots of mint tea. And really, there’s only so much mint a person can use in their cooking. Of course, it’s too pretty to go to waste. Which got me thinking, why not use mint for it’s beauty?

I mean, herbs are just as lovely to look at as they are tasty to eat.

I suggested Kelli use the herb as greenery in her house and then decided to take my own advice. I filled up a rinsed out cream bottle with water. Clipped some mint from the backyard and a few small hydrangea blooms from the front yard.

Fresh look, fresh scent. Happy homestead.

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