A Big Glass of Juice

When I look back at my inspiration to take control of my health (and eventually to start Home to Homestead), I think it all comes back to the juicer. Although my family certainly wasn’t immune to sugary, processed snacks (a pantry full of Count Chocula, anyone?) my parents always knew the relationship between food and health. Both my mom and dad were in their early twenties when they each lost a parent to cancer. And I think juicing became something they could do to feel a certain protection from the same fate.  At the time, I don’t think they realized the life-long impact it would have on their three girls.

My mom and dad have always been morning people and as a kid, I remember them up early, clanging around the kitchen (my dad likes to do things, including walking, as loudly as possible). They laughed together the most in the morning. I think they still do.  The motor of the juicer would rev up and a colander full of fruits and vegetables was pushed through.

They started us little girls with a fresh, sweet carrot/apple cocktail. Over time, they added greens, celery, beets, ginger, lemon and more. Always served out of icy glasses stored in the freezer. One person always got the light blue, intricately carved mug my mom bought on a trip to Germany as a gift for my grandfather. He died of colon cancer at the age of 48. I like to think she feels connected with him every time she drinks out of it. Committed to living for her children longer than he was able to live for his.

Now, in our respective homes in Minneapolis, Chicago and New York, my sisters and I start many of our days with A Big Glass of Juice.  And my dad is still clanging around my parent’s kitchen as they do the same.

While the juice inspired me to focus on my health and wellness, it’s what’s left over that inspired Home to Homestead. Juicing every day means pulp. And a lot of it. Find out what I’m doing with all this pulp in future posts. In television we call that a tease. Hope it convinces you to stick around!

A Big Glass of Juice

This is a basic juice recipe I start just about every day with. Add or subtract ingredients based on what you have around. This recipe makes about enough for two 16 ounce glasses of juice, depending on the size of your produce. Use as much organic produce as possible.

Using this:

1 head romaine lettuce, tough end cut off

4 carrots

2 green apples

1-2 inch section of fresh ginger, unpeeled

1 lemon or lime

4-5 stalks kale, tough ends cut off

2 stalk celery

Do this:

Wash all produce thoroughly. Put each ingredient through the feed tube of a juicer. Juice. Drink. Go on with your bad self.

*note: My juicer of choice is the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. Breville has a terrific line of juicers that are efficient and easy to clean. My boyfriend Jay called mine “Mr. Potato Head” the first time he tried to put it back together after using it.

22 thoughts on “A Big Glass of Juice

  1. Welcome to the blog writing world Elizabeth! Loved you on the weekly dish today. Your blog is now officially bookmarked with me! I am looking forward to the next entry… Stacey

  2. Looking forward to reading more in your blog too Elizabeth. Love the juice recipe – my husband and I definitely need to try.

  3. I too really enjoyed reading your blog, Elizabeth. I am big fan of juices and yours sounds wonderful. I start each morning with a juice of some sort also and it’s a wonderful way to start the day, as you obviously know. I loved having you share the memories of your mom and dad “Juicing” too. You aren’t just starting your day in a healthy, refreshing way, you are drinking a memory too, which boosts your morning even more. Keep the blogs coming for sure. Thanks for sharing. . .Stephen

  4. Looking forward to many more fun & informative posts, Elizabeth. I enjoy you on tv & radio ~ why not the internet too?

  5. Do you take the pulp out for preference, or is there a health reason to do so? I don’t mind pulp, and have always felt like it can’t hurt, can only add (nutrients, etc) to the juice

    • Hi Mary! I know some people blend the pulp into their juice. I take it out because I like a straight shot of juice…it’s easier for me to drink and it feels like a straight shot of the good stuff easily absorbed into my system. Thanks for checking in! 🙂

  6. Thanks for getting back to me about the name! Darn google search didn’t do it. Anyway…I’ve started juicing again and feel so energized when I do. Each morning for the past 1.5 weeks I’ve been doing 1 beet, 2 carrots, 2 stalks of celery and a 1 inch chunk of ginger. Spicy but good!!

  7. It was nice to see you in person at the Cooks of Crocus Hill Garage Sale broadcast on Saturday. I bought one of those very expensive copper pots at a really huge discount. I really like when you sub on the Weekly Dish.

  8. I don’t usually get a chance to watch TCL but am happy that I was able today. Best of luck and I am looking forward to following (and learning) along the way.

  9. Good luck with your blog and your garden. I just pinned a city chicken coop and thought of your endeavors.

  10. I LOVE it E! Wonderfully written and a great story! I want a breville juicer now too!! Congrats on starting the blog journey, I can’t wait for more!!! xoxo

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